People and machines – automotive industry, industry 4.0, sensor technology and robotics

Every third car worldwide is equipped with a component made in South Tyrol.

The automotive sector is exceptionally important for the local economy, and with over 800 companies operating within it. They have a workforce of more than 16,000, are amongst the province's most important exporters, as well as being responsible for more than half of the regional investment in research and development. That is why we have set ourselves the task of networking companies in the automotive industry in South Tyrol with one another, but also with important partners and service providers at home and abroad, in order to ensure innovative collaboration.

In this context, particular importance is attached to the following key technologies: Industry 4.0, robotics & automation, additive manufacturing & intelligent materials as well as optical measurement technology and sensor technology. The automotive sector is therefore closely linked to that of automation. Its catchword is "Smart Technologies". In order to automate ever more complex processes, systems have to learn to become intelligent systems. Companies and researchers here at NOI Techpark deal with sensor technology, service robotics and human-machine interaction.

Our most important local partner is Fraunhofer Italia, but also unibz and its Faculty of Science and Technology. Their practice-oriented research services aim at developing smart systems that can be used just as readily in the production chain of a bacon processing company as for a low energy house, which regulates the entire heating process fully automatically and will have already turned on the light in the corridor whilst the residents are parking their car in the garage. Our services at the Technology Park further extend to coordinating interdisciplinary working groups, organising industry events and consulting on and initiating R&D projects.

In this sector overview you can find the most important players in South Tyrol.