Living near the mountain and with the mountain – Alpine technologies from clothing to drones

Construction in Alpine terrain, winter sports technologies, civil defence & Alpine safety, Alpine emergency medicine and the Alpine resource that is wood ‑ these are the core competences of the Alpine technology field.

Five areas that are strongly interconnected and harbour great economic potential. Here in South Tyrol, on the southern side of the Alps, where 60 percent of the region's surface lies at over 1,600 meters above sea level, Alpine technologies are presented with a fertile breeding ground. Through the interplay of world market leaders, niche suppliers and start-ups, innovative products are developed here for life near the mountain and with the mountain. 

The Institute for Alpine Emergency Medicine in conjunction with the extreme climate simulator terraXcube, both part of Eurac Research, constitutes an important research facility in the area of Alpine technologies at NOI Techpark. In one large and four small climate chambers, the terraXcube can simulate the most extreme climatic conditions in the world - with the aim of investigating their influence on humans, on ecological processes and on technical products. Thus, the extreme climate simulator is suitable for material and component tests ‑ for example for the winter sports industry ‑ as well as for research in altitude medicine. Leitner Ropeways, world market leader in cable cars and ropeways construction, is another flagship company with around 90 employees at NOI Techpark. The company's research base is located here, where the latest technologies in the area of Alpine ascent facilities are being created.

The networks of business people, scientists, public authorities and the active civil society that we create with our experts and contacts here at NOI Techpark, strengthen the competitiveness of local companies. Our particular expertise lies in the transfer of know-how, in the promotion of the innovative ability of companies and in the support of research and development projects on Alpine topics.