Renting & building projects

Admission & development

Companies can join the NOI Techpark either by leasing premises in existing buildings (admission) or by carrying out their own building projects on undeveloped areas (development).


Admission into the NOI Techpark: For private companies

Companies wishing to enjoy the advantages offered by the NOI Techpark can lease business premises at the technology park for a specific period of time. This will enable them to benefit from working in close proximity to research institutes, labs, workshops and conference venues, while drawing valuable inspiration from this innovation centre.
Companies interested in joining the technology park must fulfil the admission criteria. Applicants meeting all the requirements can move into the commercial space available and make use of a range of services.
The NOI Techpark admission form is available here.



Armin Ragginer
+39 0471 066 656



Admission of start-ups to the Business Incubator at the NOI Techpark

The Business Incubator is an excellent environment for innovative start-ups in the Alpine region. Thanks to the Idea Space, Accelerator Programme, coaching sessions and networking activities, companies who join the Incubator become part of one of the most ground-breaking communities in the Alps.



Petra Gratl
+39 0471 066 660



Development: building at the NOI Techpark

True to its underlying concept of “Nature of Innovation”, the NOI Techpark has the aim of expanding, undergoing constant change and forming new shoots and branches. This is why most of the site is available for private development projects.
As the lead developer and administrator of the site, BLS holds the surface rights and, on behalf of the South Tyrolean government, selects the private property developers in accordance with the applicable land-use and development concept. Interested property developers must meet the same admission criteria as companies applying for leases in the Techpark’s existing buildings.
The undeveloped areas on the NOI Techpark site are available to companies pursuing a wide range of objectives. Companies may, for example, choose to develop lots that they wish to use exclusively for themselves. Alternatively, companies may construct a building on the NOI Techpark predominantly for use by themselves, but with the option of renting out all unused space to third parties. Another possibility attractive to investors is that of developing lots for other users or companies; these, in turn, must meet all NOI Techpark admission criteria.



Martin Vallazza
+39 0471 066 653


Markus Weger
+39 0471 066 658