Product Innovation in 5 Steps

Innovation thrives on new product ideas. Through our service "Product Innovation in 5 Steps", we support companies in creating and validating prototypes, always by applying a customer-centric approach. Companies gain the know-how they need, and with the experimental laboratories at NOI also the appropriate facilities to carry out market and customer analyses quickly and efficiently, design product development processes and decision-making processes, create prototypes of the physical product or business model, and obtain initial customer feedback from the market.

  • Step 1 EXPLORE: we understand the needs of potential costumers.
  • Step 2 CREATE: we develop new ideas that meet the needs of potential costumers and are feasible.
  • Step 3 PROTOTYPE: we realise a testable prototype, a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Step 4 VALIDATE: we test and verify the MVP by involving potential customers again.
  • Step 5 BUSINESS MODELLING: we elaborate a business model to start the development and industrialisation of the product.