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4.06.218:30 - 11:30

Sediment deposition in reservoirs is a current focus for hydroelectric installations in Italy and in the Alps. The appropriate handling of sediments is therefore becoming increasingly important, whilst taking into account technical and ecological aspects as well as public safety.

Following the considerable interest shown in the previous expert conference which focused on “penstocks”, “headrace tunnels” and “safety and emergency shut-off devices”, we are exploring the topic of sediments in greater depth in this latest edition of the expert conference Inspection and Maintenance of Hydroelectric Power Stations.

The expert conference – in German and Italian with simultaneous translation – is aimed at operators of hydroelectric power stations in Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland, companies specialising in these matters, as well as universities and public bodies.

In-service training credits are available from the Bozen-Bolzano Chamber of Engineers for participation in this event.

There is no charge for participation, but registration is required by 03.06.2021

Event date
4.06.218:30 - 11:30
4.06.218:30 - 11:30