Provincial governor laid foundation stone for NOI Techpark

On 2 February, strategy and design of the new technology park in Bolzano have been presented to the public. Now (2 October), precisely eight months later, provincial governor Arno Kompatscher laid the foundation stone for the future South Tyrolean technology and research centre that is already under construction since March. At the same time, the Infopoint has been formally opened on the former Alumix area in Volta Street.

'The Techpark project has gained momentum, nothing should now stand in the way of completion in mid-2017,' said Kompatscher at the ceremony in which many future users of the technology park took part.

'The NOI Techpark is a project to which many people have contributed and many have joined for a common goal. This goal is a technology park for South Tyrol that would foster innovation, research, education and economic development and improve knowledge and competitiveness - for all partners and also for South Tyrol as a business location. The concept that is about to be realised here promises to fulfil that,' provincial governor Kompatscher emphasised in front of about 80 guests selected from economy and public life, including Francesca De Carlini, new Commissioner for the municipality of Bolzano.

The celebration was held in the midst of the building site, because the construction of the NOI Techpark has commenced last March on time, in spite of several appeals. Since that date, the work on building lot 2 has been going on at full speed. 'This building lot covers the renovation of the first central building, i. e. the historical former Alumix building, and of the canteen, as well as the establishment of the new building, the so-called Black Monolith, and of an underground parking,' explained Ulrich Stofner, manager of BLS, the buyer of the technology park. Lot 3, covering the renovation of the second central building and the exterior layout of the whole area, is also ready to go.

These central buildings of the technology park enclose 190,000 cubic metres. They are intended to host the labs and the common service facilities of the park. The future service provider of the technology park will move in here as well, according to TIS’s manager Hubert Hofer. 'Various research and educational institutions will settle here and commit to R&D side-by-side with the businesses.' The focus of research is on renewable energy, alpine technology, food technology and automation.

The third big construction body will be finished during the next stage, within 2018, constituting the first extension module, in which private enterprises will settle. This construction module is right next to the main building, the foundation stone of which was laid today, and it will cover a part of 750,000 cubic metres of the strategic extension surface. During the years to follow, constructions will be commissioned on demand and private initiative. What the new technology park of South Tyrol will exactly look like is from now on displayed in the new info point on the former Alumix site that was opened when laying the foundation stone. Admission Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm noon and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Provincial governor laid foundation stone for NOI Techpark