NOI Techpark celebrates its first anniversary

NOI Techpark is celebrating its first anniversary on 2 October. An entire year has passed since one of the South Tyrolean regional government’s key economic development projects was officially opened by Governor of South Tyrol Arno Kompatscher. Since then, the technology park has served as a platform for privately and publicly funded research projects and collaborative partnerships between companies, start-ups, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, the institutes at Eurac Research, the Laimburg Research Centre, Fraunhofer Italia, the KlimaHaus-Agentur (Climate House Agency) and various industry associations.

A year on from its opening, NOI Techpark is progressing extremely positively. One of the technology park’s main areas of focus is assisting companies and more than 900 consultations were held in the first year alone.

“During its first year, NOI Techpark aroused considerable international and local interest. A new quarter dedicated entirely to research and innovation is being developed in Bolzano to give companies, researchers and students an ideal environment in which to undertake their research projects,” explains Ulrich Stofner, Director of Business Location Südtirol (BLS), the lead contractor responsible for constructing the technology park.


Guided tours and events

The guided tours of NOI Techpark conducted over the past year proved particularly popular, with somewhere in the region of 5,000 visitors being shown around the site on a total of 200 tours. 80 percent of the participants were South Tyroleans, while the remainder came from other regions of Italy or further afield.

The 300 events staged at South Tyrol’s technology park were equally well attended. The 250 of these which were organised by the players involved in NOI Techpark and which concentrated on topics relating to innovation attracted around 15,000 attendees.

“We are happy with the progress we have made this year and the infrastructure we have already put into place, which includes approximately 30 research labs. Our next task is to work with our partners on site to ensure that NOI Techpark reaches its full potential,” says Hubert Hofer, who is responsible for service development at NOI Techpark.


A place of work for highly qualified individuals

NOI Techpark is now the workplace of roughly 400 people, more than three-quarters of whom hold a Master’s or PhD degree.

Besides South Tyrolean research institutes, NOI Techpark is home to around 60 start-ups and technology companies. The third building of the complex, named D1, is due to be completed in December and will accommodate a further 23 companies as well as Eurac Research’s terraXcube, a unique lab in which scientists can simulate extreme weather conditions.

BLS Director Ulrich Stofner points out the additional building projects making up the first stage of construction, which is running until 2022. Examples include a day-care centre due to be constructed from 2019, the Institute for Biomedicine from 2020 and the new University Department of Engineering from 2021. In 2021, work is also due to begin on the first privately funded building modules.


The anniversary programme of events

A range of events open to the public are planned to mark the technology park’s first anniversary. For example, the book “Die Forschungsfabrik”/“La fabbrica della ricerca” (“The Research Factory”), which contains text by Marco Mulazzani and photos by Alessandra Chemollo, will be launched on 2 October at 4:00 pm. This will be followed by an exhibition of photos by photographer Alessandra Chemollo at 5:00 pm. Both the book launch and photo exhibition will take place in the central open space NOISE.

From 5:45 pm, visitors will have the opportunity to go on a guided tour of the technology park led by BLS and IDM Südtirol staff, giving them the chance to see areas including the D1 building currently under construction. Then, from 6:00 pm, attendees can toast the park’s anniversary by enjoying an aperitif in the Noisteria, NOI’s on-site restaurant.


NOI Techpark celebrates its first anniversary