Brunico’s NOI Techpark Takes Shape

The NOI Techpark in Brunico takes shape. Construction work will start in 2020 using the plans of the Bressanone architects Kerschbaumer Pichler & Partner. This architectural office ranked first among 10 competitors in the construction planning competition for the Brunico NOI Techpark. The eleven contestants had previously been selected out of a total of 40 applicants in a Europe-wide bid. The winning project is now on display at Brunico city hall, where it was presented to the public on 20 July.

The jury headed by Martin Vallazza (Business Location Südtirol) argued that the Brunico NOI Techpark project designed by the Bressanone architects Kerschbaumer Pichler & Partner was a compelling solution for the assignment given during the competition. The jury said about the winning project: “The transparency of the main building façade is appropriate for a technological and educational institution. The buildings are well-integrated into the urban backdrop and create interesting sights. The main building is perfectly positioned with regard to the key visual axes from the city centre and the railway station area.”

The NOI Techpark will be erected on a lot now home to the Brunico bus terminal, which will move to Brunico’s new mobility centre. BLS acts as the developer and will now fast-track the planning for the technology park: “Construction is to start in 2020, and work should be completed by mid-2021,” explains Ulrich Stofner, Director of BLS. The project costs for NOI Techpark will amount to approx. EUR 26 million. As announced earlier in September 2017, governor Arno Kompatscher successfully secured part of the funding required from the national FSC fund for economic development (Fondo per lo Sviluppo e la Coesione).

A Focus on the Automotive Industry

“Automotive will be the focus of the NOI Techpark in Brunico, which is not only the main city in the Pusteria Valley, but also a centre of South Tyrol’s automotive supplier industry,” says Hansi Pichler, President of IDM Südtirol. Just like the Bolzano technology park, the Brunico Techpark will be run by IDM as the operating company.

Klaus Mutschlechner, managing director of Intercable and President of South Tyrol’s Automotive Excellence network, adds that a top priority at the Brunico NOI Techpark will be to secure the companies and jobs in the Pusteria Valley automotive sector, seeing as the industry is currently exposed to “groundbreaking revolutions and evolutions,” including topics such as e-mobility and digitalisation. “With its focus on the automotive industry, the Brunico technology park is a clear response to the necessity to create a centre for small and large companies, the university, young people from South Tyrol, but also international stakeholders and talents, to create a multiplier effect,” Mutschlechner explains.

A Space for Businesses, the University, and the General Public

“According to the park’s space-planning concept, a total surface area of 4,500 m2 of the Brunico NOI Techpark, which will be part of the South Tyrol technology park established last year in Bolzano, will be dedicated to a variety of different structures for South Tyrol’s business community as a whole as well as the general public,” states Ulrich Stofner, Director of BLS.

One of the main partners will be the Free University of Bolzano, which will set up a centre for dual university education that will allow young people to complete a Bachelor’s degree in “Automation in Industrial and Machine Engineering” while working a job at the same time. This was announced by Günther Mathà, the director of the university, as well as university professor Angelika Peer during the project presentation. The university will also run their Tourism, Sport and Event Management programme at the Brunico technology park.

The citizens of Brunico will also benefit from the NOI Techpark located directly in the town’s centre: “The building will feature an event centre that can be used by the Brunico municipality,” says Mayor Roland Griessmair. Approx. 470 parking spaces for residents and visitors will be created. “Brunico’s NOI Techpark will become a centre for business, but also for the general public of the Pusteria Valley,” Griessmair states.

The assignment for the architecture competition did not only include the NOI Techpark building itself, but also the design of the overall premises. That is why the project now on display for the general public at the Brunico city hall shows further buildings that could be built to meet specific requirements potentially arising at some point in the future.

NOI Techpark Bruneck presentation

Presentation of the winning project at Brunico’s city hall (20 July 2018): from left, Toni Schenk, Val Pusteria trade association; Peter Oberparleiter, CEO GKN Powder Metallurgy; architects Harald Pichler and Karl Kerschbaumer, Studio Kerschbaumer Pichler & Partner; Angelika Peer, professor at Free University of Bolzano-Bozen; Martin Vallazza, BLS; Ulrich Stofner, Director of BLS; Arch. Josef March; Gottfried Rier, Senior Vice President Engineering & Lean, GKN; Christian Tschurtschenthaler, President, Brunico Marketing; Roland Griessmair, Mayor of Brunico; Hansi Pichler, President, IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige; Günther Mathà, Director, Free University of Bolzano-Bozen; Johannes Brunner, IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige; Adriano Oggiano, Director, regional planning office for the North-East

Brunico’s NOI Techpark Takes Shape

The winning project for Brunico’s NOI Techpark (rendering of the area, south-western view)