Non-profit research institution with the aim of making digitisation and automation tangible and usable for small and medium-sized enterprises

The researchers at Fraunhofer Italia make digitisation tangible and usable for companies, and in doing so, address their research offerings not only to the manufacturing sector, but also to the trades and the construction industry. The aim of the non-profit research institution is to translate scientific findings into economically viable, tailor-made solutions for companies.

Fraunhofer Italia offers services in the fields of automation, robotics, machine learning, machine vision, intelligent sensor technology, agro-mechatronics and SmartHome. Applied research in the construction sector focuses on integrated planning, lean construction, BIM and AR/VR. In addition, Fraunhofer Italia develops business models, systems for methodical decision support and concrete action strategies for companies and institutions involved in innovation and transformation projects in the fields of digitisation and sustainability.