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Free University of Bolzano

Founded in 1997, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano has in recent years established itself as a research institute of national and international renown. The university’s research projects tackle both global topics concerning the environment, society, the economy and technological innovation as well as deeply rooted issues currently facing the Southern Alps, such as land use, the sustainable use of resources, socio-economic development and lifelong learning. Its research activities are underpinned by interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction with local companies.

The university also runs five PhD programmes to train the next generation of researchers. Externally funded projects at the university are supported by regional, national and international institutions.

At the NOI Techpark, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is responsible for establishing those labs where business-relevant research is undertaken. This involves the setting up and expansion of technological research in Alpine technologies, ClimateHouse and energy production, as well as food technology. Research is conducted in the specific areas of agricultural mechanics, ClimateHouse, renewable energy, food engineering, sensor technology, fluid mechanics, computer science and design.

Around 100 researchers and technicians from the university will work at the NOI Techpark between 2017 and 2019.


Centre for Family Business Management

The Centre is a reference point, both locally and internationally, for research, education and knowledge transfer activities in the field of family business. The Centre conducts international and interdisciplinary research, in collaboration with other research institutes, on the distinctive organizational goals, strategic processes, innovation, succession, and outcomes engendered by family involvement in business.


Bioenergy & Biofuels Lab

The Bioenergy & Biofuels Lab focuses on researching the generation of energy from biomass. Its researchers use traditional combustion technology and innovative processes such as pyrolysis and gasification for the characterization of fuels and for process optimization. They employ the developed applications in pilot plants or full-scale plants for district heating and cogeneration.


Thermal Physics for Buildings Lab

The lab provides advice and support to companies interested in developing technological solutions for constructing energy-efficient buildings with a high level of comfort for their occupants. The research focuses on investigating the dynamic behaviour of opaque and transparent building envelopes and domestic installations, especially mechanical ventilation systems, with the aim of improving both comfort and energy efficiency, while creating a healthier indoor environment. To achieve this objective, the researchers employ a combination of field tests and computer simulations performed in the lab.


Smart Data Factory

SDF provides advice and technology transfer services in the areas of data processing and data science. Its activities are aimed in particular at companies and organizations, which can work with the researchers at the Faculty of Computer Science of unibz to develop innovative solutions for the capture, processing and automated, intelligent (smart) analysis of complex, extensive and heterogeneous data sets. The results of the SDF’s research are used in economic sectors that are of strategic importance to the development of South Tyrol, such as tourism, health and mobility.


Design Lab

This lab provides design support to start-ups and SMEs at key stages during the innovation process. Involved in all areas of communication and product design, the lab performs a range of activities, from the creation of CIs and brands to assistance with product development. The Design Lab applies innovative design methods in collaboration with other scientists working at the NOI Techpark and, in doing so, pursues the aim of promoting sustainable and socially responsible business practices.


Laboratory of Food Technology (Food Pilot Lab)

The Food Pilot Lab conducts investigations in the fields of food processing and technology. The researchers focus primarily on performing extraction processes by means of the innovative application of supercritical fluids. They use this method to turn food waste into compounds with a high nutritional value, which we then convert into products and nanomaterials. They create new formulations and ingredients with the help of homogenization, pasteurization, extrusion or drying techniques. In addition, they investigate the stability and shelf life of products and help companies to carry out comparative or pre-pilot studies.


Laboratory of Food Technology (e-Sense Lab)

The e-Sense Lab investigates the quality of food, ingredients and formulations, conducts studies on the stability and shelf life of food and researches the impact of the manufacturing process on the final quality of food products. It also examines the authenticity of typical regional products in order to review the entire production chain and identify the geographical origin of the products.



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