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Laimburg Research Centre

Founded in 1975, the Laimburg Research Centre is the leading research institute for agriculture and food quality in South Tyrol. It performs applied research with the objectives of improving the competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture in South Tyrol and of ensuring the quality of agricultural products. Every year, the more than 150 employees working at the centre conduct around 300 research and pilot projects covering all aspects of South Tyrolean agriculture, ranging from fruit growing and viticulture to mountain agriculture, plant health and food processing.


The Laimburg Research Centre undertakes research in several labs at the NOI Techpark.

The Laboratory for Flavours and Metabolites carries out studies on food quality and plant health. It uses state-of-the-art analytical methods to investigate the naturally occurring substances found in agricultural products (apples, apple juice, grapes, wine, cheese, milk) and plant parts (leaves, roots, stems, trunks).

The lab performs the following measurements and tests:

  • Quantification of polyphenols and vitamins using liquid chromatography, mass spectrometers (MS) and diode array detectors (DAD)
  • Quantification of flavours and fatty acids using gas chromatography, mass spectrometers (MS) and flame ionisation detectors (FID)
  • Identification of new, unknown compounds using high-resolution mass spectrometers (HRMS)
  • Quantification of simple sugars and organic acids using ion chromatography
  • Non-destructive determination of quality parameters using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
  • Determination of the total content of polyphenols, the antioxidative capacity and the total chlorophyll content using UV/VIS spectrometry


The research centre also works in collaboration with the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano to operate the NMR Lab, which uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to investigate and authenticate the origin of South Tyrolean agricultural products. The NMR Lab is also used to determine the structure of unknown compounds. The lab will become operational in autumn 2018.

The following measurements and tests are performed in the NMR Lab:

  • Characterisation and determination of the origin of various foods using 400 MHz NMR spectrometers
  • Determination of the structure of new, unknown compounds and substances using 600 MHz NMR spectrometers



Michael Oberhuber
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