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Eurac Research

The offices and laboratories of Eurac Research, a private research centre founded in Bolzano/Bozen in 1992, welcome more than 400 researchers who work on projects that deal with real-life scenarios. The research topics centre on important local issues, but are expanded to look at global matters as well. The research activities not only aim to make a contribution to society and regional development, but also to find the best way of handling a diverse range of social, cultural and economic conditions.

The knowledge and expertise of the centre’s researchers, in particular those working with the most technical focus, benefit local companies. The transfer of knowledge is used to support the development, optimisation and market launch of new products, and enables companies to keep abreast of the latest international market trends in the area of research and development.

Eurac Research is also as an important project partner for companies. Having already conducted more than 300 projects in Europe (almost half of which as project coordinator), the South Tyrolean research facility is an internationally leading centre for applied research.

In the NOI Techpark, Eurac Research focuses on the areas of renewable energy, environmental monitoring technologies, climate simulation and mummy studies. State-of-the-art infrastructure, such as a simulator for all the Earth’s climate zones and realistic mock-ups of building systems, enables researchers to predict how technology will develop in the future, as well as to delve thousands of years into the past by analysing the oldest mummies in the world.


Institute for Renewable Energy

The Eurac Research staff working at the NOI Techpark focus on sustainable heating and cooling systems, photovoltaic technology, energy-efficient buildings, the energy-efficient retrofit of historic buildings, and urban and regional energy systems. They conduct research into products, technologies and solutions for companies, freelancers and public administration in these five areas. The scientists collaborate with local companies as well as with the working groups of the EU and IEA (International Energy Agency).

Indoor labs

  • Multifunctional Facades Lab
  • Solare PV Lab
  • Accelerated Life Testing Lab
  • Heat Pumps Lab
  • Calibration Lab


Outdoor Labs

  • PV Integration Lab
  • Facade System Interaction Lab
  • Energy Exchange Lab


Institute for Mummy Studies

The 1991 discovery of “Ötzi”, a natural mummy more than 5,000 years old and preserved on a glacier in South Tyrol, gave scientists the chance to study the oldest mummy in the world and paved the way for the foundation of Eurac Research’s Institute for Mummy Studies. Today, the institute conducts anthropological, palaeopathological and genetic studies on mummies from around the world using a range of technologies, including computer tomography, nanotechnology and biomolecular techniques such as the analysis of ancient DNA. The researchers also collaborate with renowned museums worldwide to develop innovative solutions for conserving bodies and archaeological finds.


  • Ancient DNA Lab
  • Modern DNA Lab
  • Anthropology Lab
  • Conservation Lab


Environmental Sensing Lab

Eurac Research and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano pooled their knowledge of sensor technology to found the Environmental Sensing Lab. The lab in the NOI Techpark researches both the development of innovative sensors as well as the best technologies for collecting, analysing and processing data for environmental monitoring purposes.


Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine

One of the primary objectives of Eurac Research’s Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine is to use field and epidemiological studies to improve medical and surgical treatments as well as the treatment of trauma following accidents in areas which are difficult to access.

From 2018, the terraXcube climate simulator will enable certain studies to be conducted in the lab as opposed to outside on the mountains. This state-of-the-art test facility allows the conditions at high altitudes to be replicated precisely, safely and in a standardised environment.



Eurac Research’s terraXcube climate simulator is located inside the NOI Techpark. From the icy cold temperatures and heavy precipitation found on the eight-thousanders in the Himalayas to the scorching, dry heat of the African desert, this facility can realistically simulate all of the Earth’s various climates, including the most extreme conditions. The ability to reproduce these climatic conditions precisely, safely, and in a standardised manner is not only a revolutionary opportunity for researchers, but is also crucial for companies required to ensure that their systems and products perform proficiently.


Eurac Research
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