Nature of Innovation

Innovation inspired by nature

Innovation processes unfold like events observed in nature. Some develop rapidly and explosively like an avalanche, while others progress in a slow and steady manner, like a leafy vine gradually scaling up a wall. That is what Nature of Innovation stands for. Innovation cannot be forced; there is no blueprint for guaranteed results. The ideal solution to a problem can be a simple, tried-and-tested approach, or it can emerge after countless attempts and bring forth something completely new.

Innovation in the network

Whenever we learn something new, our brain creates new synapses; it forms or activates new links that connect to what is already there and open up new possibilities that previously seemed unattainable. That is how NOI works. In the same manner, innovation arises when new links are formed within a network, when ideas and information race from node to node like impulses along neural pathways. NOI is therefore first and foremost a network comprising entrepreneurs, start-uppers, students and researchers. Yet NOI also forms part of a larger existing network that encompasses all of South Tyrol and extends far beyond the region: to Italy, to Europe, around the globe. We are convinced that innovation can only occur in a network, where research and entrepreneurship join forces. At the interface linking the South Tyrolean innovation network’s major nodes—companies, research facilities and universities—the NOI Techpark forms a new node, thus creating new connections.