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Association of Tradespeople and Service Providers

lvh.apa (Association of Tradespeople and Service Providers) represents the interests of the South Tyrolean trade and service sector. With more than 8,000 members, it is one of the largest business associations in South Tyrol. Working in close collaboration with political and economic decision makers, the association strives to create conditions that help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to remain competitive and to future-proof their activities. The association also provides its members with a variety of services and sector-specific advice.

The lvh.apa’s Department for Innovation & New Markets is based at the NOI Techpark. It advises South Tyrolean businesses on how to organise competitions which invite people to propose innovative ideas based on the principles of the Open Innovation approach. This concept gives third parties the chance to contribute novel business ideas and to assist in the development of new products, services and business models.

lvh.apa also helps companies secure funding by providing extensive advice on how to plan successful crowdfunding projects. It has even set up its own rewards-based crowdfunding platform.

The association additionally gives companies tips on how to implement tailored digitalisation strategies. It has joined forces with Fraunhofer Italia to run the CRAFTech project. This web-based assessment tool demonstrates to companies how prepared they are for the ongoing process of digitalisation and suggests which new technologies they should introduce.

As part of the EU-funded Interreg Labs.4.SMEs project, which is based in Italy and Austria, lvh.apa and its project partners are giving companies the opportunity to develop prototypes and new products in conjunction with innovative service providers and labs at the NOI Techpark.



Sandra Kainz
Coordinator of the Department for Innovation & New Markets
T +39 0471 323 225