South Tyrol: The land of networks

On the southern face of the rugged Alps and at the northern end of Upper Italy’s broad plain, at the junction between Northern and Southern Europe, at the language boundary between German and Italian, in a mix of cultures and mentalities: Thanks to its geographical location and history, South Tyrol is a land of contrasts. Yet present-day South Tyrol proves that its strength lies in making connections – in networking. This is where a wide range of companies, from small family enterprises, agricultural businesses and crafts firms to the large global players, come together with internationally connected research institutes and a comprehensive system of education and vocational training. South Tyrol’s most valuable resources include alternative sources of energy such as hydroelectric and solar power, renewable raw materials such as wood, and excellence in technology. Bright minds are an equally important asset: multilingualism, excellent educational backgrounds, open-mindedness and a passion for innovation are the defining traits of South Tyrol’s employees and entrepreneurs. That is why this region’s inherent and acquired strengths also serve as the foundation supporting the pillars of South Tyrol’s economy: tourism and Alpine technologies, agriculture and food production, alternative energy sources and climate technology. In all of these areas South Tyrol brings forth internationally renowned experts, technologies and innovations.