Google, Facebook, Hackathon

This year’s South Tyrol Free Software Conference at the NOI Techpark sports an international cast. Keynote speakers include Google’s own Josh Simmons from the US and Martin Englund from Sweden, who used to do programming work for Facebook and is now working for Palo Alto Networks out of Silicon Valley. The Free Software Conference will be held on Friday, 16 November, from 9 am. The afternoon highlight will be the commencement of a “hackathon”, a 24-hour programming marathon.

Apart from Google’s Josh Simmons and the former Facebook employee Martin Englund, a total of three representatives of international free software non-profits are expected at the conference, where they will explain the positive economic impact of the use of free software. Molly de Blanc and Patrick Mason will speak from a US perspective whereas Matthias Kirschner will explain the economic impact of free software on the European market. Moreover, the presentations will shed some light on the effect digitisation has on society as well as the importance of open platforms for the cooperation between economy and research.

In the afternoon, the Free Software Conference will be offering a plethora of technical presentations: 40 speakers, including scientists from Fraunhofer Italia, the Free University of Bolzano, and Eurac Research, will talk about robot systems, programming languages, or environmental monitoring systems all based on free software. Lastly, the afternoon will conclude with presentations by representatives of local businesses.

Running in parallel to these technical talks, a “hackathon” will start at 2 pm, a programming marathon during which approximately 100 programmers from all over the world will programme sustainable solutions for the SMART Green Region South Tyrol.

For more information on the Free Software Conference at the NOI Techpark, please contact Luca Miotto at, T +39 0471 094 203.

Google, Facebook, Hackathon