Functional Gums develops natural food supplement chewing gum

Functional Gums develops natural food supplement chewing gum

The South Tyrolean start-up Functional Gums has developed "Natur Gum", a sugar-free chewing gum that supplies fluorine and vitamin D and consists of 100% natural ingredients. It is made of Mexican resin, and is, therefore, completely biodegradable. The new product will be presented at the Cibus trade fair in Parma from 7th to 10th of May. For next year, a multivitamin version and chewing gum for weight loss is planned.

The South Tyrolean start-up Functional Gums is launching a world first on the market with its latest product "Natur Gum". At the NOI Techpark in Bolzano, the company has developed a natural, sugar-free food supplement for chewing that is sustainable and environmentally friendly - unlike conventional chewing gum made of plastic. "Food supplements in for of chewing gum are nothing new," explains Maicol Verzotto, one of the founders of Functional Gums. "The special thing about natural gum is that the gum is made of 100% natural resin, and is, therefore, biodegradable." The start-up company obtains the raw material from the sapotill tree (mushy apple tree) on plantations that are very common in Mexico and Central America.

"Natur Gum" is the second innovative product of Verzotto, who is known for its success as a diver. Together with three partners, Verzotto founded Functional Gums in 2013, and launched the first product on the market: "Drive Gum", energy chewing gum for drivers, which delivers the same amount of caffeine as half an espresso.

After two years of research and development, the start-up presents the natural chewing gum from South Tyrol as a world innovation at the international food fair Cibus in Parma in the beginning of May, to an expert audience of approx. 80,000 visitors. Other events are following, such as Vitafoods Europe, one of the most important events for the food supplement(s) industry, taking place in Geneva from 15 to 17 May. "Natur Gum” will be available in three flavours: Mint, stevia and berries.

For next year two more major innovations are in the pipeline including a multi-vitamin chewing gum and an appetite suppressant to chew. Due to their specific product properties, Functional Gums' new dietary supplements are only available in pharmacies.

Functional Gums, founded in 2013, has been located at the IDM business incubator at NOI Techpark since 2017. The incubator, which hosts 57 start-ups and technology companies, supports founders transforming innovative business ideas into successful companies. With a lively community and innovation services, it promotes rapid and sustainable growth for South Tyrolean start-ups.


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Functional Gums develops natural food supplement chewing gum