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25.10.219:00 - 13:00
Laimburg Research Centre

Water filters exist in nature. How do they work? And why are they so effective? We will show you at the NOI Tech Day Aquaporin at the Laimburg Research Centre.

How long does innovation last? As an agile company, you already know that even the best solution will soon become obsolete. Perhaps aquaporins are the exception, nature’s rapid and highly selective water filters. At NOI, we capitalise on the interplay of research and entrepreneurship. Get to know all about a technology that will allow your company to benefit from the best inventor in the world. Discover what nature can do for you!

What this is all about. The US molecular biologist Peter Agre discovered the proteins that transport and purify water in every human, animal and plant cell. In 2003, he received the Nobel Prize for this discovery. The Danish entrepreneur Peter Holme Jensen made the results industrially viable and developed membrane filter systems using aquaporin molecules. Of particular interest for the food industry: using forward osmosis technology it is possible to produce super concentrates, or to purify liquids gently, without heat or pressure.

What makes Aquaporin credible. You will receive first-hand information. At expert presentations about the Aquaporin company and in the portfolio presentation by Aquaporin employees. A real advantage if you have any questions.

How the technology works in real time. You will get to know the Aquaporin Inside® technology from the inside. We have prepared a test run using fruit juice. In this way, you will be able to convince yourself with your own eyes of this patented technology, which can also be used for wine, beer and coffee, and in the treatment of water.

Want to be there? You will have to decide quickly because the Tech Day is limited to 20 participants. Do you have a Green Pass? Unfortunately, you cannot attend without one.

Deadline for registration is 24.10.2021.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Event date
25.10.219:00 - 13:00
25.10.219:00 - 13:00