Food Technologies

Regional quality

High-quality, regionally sourced food will shape the industry in the coming decades. In this particular NOI field, researchers and companies develop products using raw materials from the region, as well as techniques for refining high-quality ingredients of South Tyrolean cuisine, such as wine, milk and fruit, but also baked goods and meat products.

Speck and mass spectrometry

The food laboratories focus primarily on the quality and regional origin of ingredients. Using chemical food analyses to improve quality control and isotope analyses to determine the origin of ingredients and raw materials: these are the key aspects of the research conducted in the Food field. Another primary objective of the research conducted at NOI Techpark is to improve production processes. For this purpose, food companies can recreate their processing chains in the laboratories to optimise every single production step, no matter how small.

One stop shop

Ecosystem Food (IDM)

Free University of Bolzano

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