Alpine Technologies

Extreme conditions

Construction on Alpine terrain, winter sports technologies, civil protection and Alpine safety, mountain emergency medicine, and wood as an Alpine resource: these are South Tyrol’s core competencies in this field of technology. Five areas that are inextricably linked and harbour great economic potential.

Mount Everest on the ground floor

An atmospheric pressure equivalent to that of 9,000 metres above sea level, but also snow, rain, icy temperatures, wind and of course heat can be replicated technologically using the terraXcube operated by EURAC within the NOI Techpark. As a result, this machine is suitable for testing materials and components, for example for the winter sports industry, but it can also be applied in medical research: for example, it allows experts specialised in mountain emergency medicine to study how low temperatures affect the chances of survival of avalanche victims. The simulator is twelve metres long, six metres wide and six metres tall, and can also be used for long-term testing.

Ecosystem Constructions (IDM)

Ecosystem Health & Wellness (IDM)

Ecosystem Wood & agricultural technology (IDM)

Ecosystem Sports & alpine safety (IDM)

terraXcube (Eurac Research)

Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine (EURAC Research)