NOI Fields

The way we see it, successful innovation adapts to its surroundings, not the other way around. It utilises and benefits from South Tyrol’s inherent strengths and builds on the know-how that has already become established in this region. That is why the work and research conducted at NOI Techpark concentrates on technological innovations in key industries that are already South Tyrol’s strong suits: Alpine technologies, energy efficiency and food technology. These areas of expertise are complemented by an additional field of technology that is of interest to all sectors: automation, ICT and computation.

Green Technologies


Energy efficiency

This field of technology pools research and development in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency, i.e. companies, certification institutions and research facilities that operate in this sector and focus on the development of innovative technologies.

The energy of tomorrow

What are the energy sources of the future, and how can they be used even more efficiently? These questions lie at the heart of the research conducted at the NOI Techpark’s “green” laboratories, as do solar energy, multifunctional façades and heat pumps. This is where researchers simulate the ageing process of photovoltaics modules, test components of buildings with regard to their energetic properties and develop systems that use solar power for heating and cooling.

Ecosystem Energy & Environment 

Institute for Renewable Energy (Eurac Research)

South Tyrolean Energy Agency - Casaclima

Food Technologies

Regional quality

High-quality, regionally sourced food will shape the industry in the coming decades. In this particular NOI field, researchers and companies develop products using raw materials from the region, as well as techniques for refining high-quality ingredients of South Tyrolean cuisine, such as wine, milk and fruit, but also baked goods and meat products.

Speck and mass spectrometry

The food laboratories focus primarily on the quality and regional origin of ingredients. Using chemical food analyses to improve quality control and isotope analyses to determine the origin of ingredients and raw materials: these are the key aspects of the research conducted in the Food field. Another primary objective of the research conducted at NOI Techpark is to improve production processes. For this purpose, food companies can recreate their processing chains in the laboratories to optimise every single production step, no matter how small.

Ecosystem Food

Free University of Bolzano

Laimburg Research Centre

ICT & Automation

Smart systems

“Smart technologies” is the keyword in this area of innovation that combines the fields of automation, ICT and computation. In order to automate increasingly complex processes, systems have to “learn new things”, meaning they have to become intelligent. As a result, companies and researchers are concentrating on sensor technology, service robotics, human/machine interaction as well as on digitalisation and interconnection in production. Areas of application include the construction and energy industries (smart buildings), production and the agricultural sector (agro-mechatronics).

Intelligent people build intelligent machines

Machine safety, service robotics and human/machine interaction are the key concepts studied at the NOI laboratories in the Automation field. The researchers aim to develop smart systems that are just as suitable for use in the production chain of a speck manufacturer as they are for planning the construction of a climate house, where they fully automatically regulate the room temperatures and switch on the light in the hallway the moment the homeowner pulls into the garage.

Ecosystem Automotive 

Ecosystem ICT & Automation 

Fraunhofer Italia

Free University of Bolzano