High-tech workshop for product development

Giving ideas a concrete shape and producing product prototypes without complications or major investments ‑ that’s what Maker Space, our experimental hardware laboratory, makes possible. With its high-tech equipment and machines, it is open to both businesses and individuals. Under the guidance of experts or working on their own they can fabricate prototypes here or launch a small batch to test out on the market. The Maker Space is divided into a wood workshop, a metal workshop, an electronics area and a textile area and is equipped with a laser scanner, a 3D scanner, a range of 3D printers, a vinyl and laminate cutter, CNC milling machines and many other tools and useful resources needed for the production of hardware prototypes.

From rapid prototyping through supported prototype construction to individual use, Maker Space offers entrepreneurs, start-ups and private individuals a range of services. For questions and assistance, trained experts are on hand to help with the safe operation of the equipment. In addition, there are regular workshops and courses.

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