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5.08.2016:00 - 17:00

Our second talk focuses on the development of prototypes and the added value that companies can generate from it. Because one thing became very clear during the crisis: as an entrepreneur, you must be resilient, and quickly adapt your business, your products and your business model to new circumstances. Prototyping is one way of doing this. Together with our experts, we talk live from our studio at NOI about the resources and opportunities in our prototyping workshops and explain how you can drive product innovation efficiently and cost-effectively with our support.
Whether its metal, wood or 3D printing, in our Maker Space you will find the necessary machines and know-how to create your prototypes. The Kitchen Lab is our innovation hub for product development in the food sector. And in our Free Software Lab, you can develop software and applications. To give you a first-hand impression of the possibilities and services the three prototype workshops offer, we invite a company to share their experience with you. And of course, as in each of our talks, we are open for your questions and a lively exchange of ideas.

Follow our live talk via Zoom https://noibz.zoom.us/j/99563134323?pwd=NDBraWlZM053U241Wk9PTWVsb1drQT09 or on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/KoRAWU--i5M.

Event date
5.08.2016:00 - 17:00
5.08.2016:00 - 17:00