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Start up


The spin-off AIAQUA is a recently founded start-up company whose mis-sion is to provide support in the sustainable management of water and energy resources through innovative optimisation techniques and artifi-cial intelligence.

Job description

AIAQUA is a young company operating in the field of innovative water re-source management. At the moment, AIAQUA is in need of a figure to sup-port the management of its activities and who is willing to get involved.


Support in company activities. The activities depend on the candi-date's skills, in an open manner. For example:

  • Support in marketing activities and company presentations
  • Support in the software development of management and fore-casting algorithms
  • Support in purely engineering activities, such as the modelling of distribution and energy systems
  • Support in the preparation of highly innovative AI-themed re-search and development projects


  • We are looking for a young person who would like to enter the world of sustainability and management of water systems, and thus support us in the company's activities.
  • Young person
  • At least a three-year degree in a scientific subject (flexible)
  • No previous work experience necessary · Speak Italian and possibly also German

We offer:

Part-time or full-time internship contract