Maker Space

A high-tech workshop with a laser cutter, 3D printer and more

Maker Space


Walter Weissensteiner
NOI Techpark
I-39100 Bolzano

T +39 0471 066 641

Opening hours
Mon–Fri 9am–6pm

Everyone has access to the Maker Space, including businesses, students and private individuals.

Plan your visit
Please book an appointment by writing to

  • International Fab Lab Association
  • Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
  • Museion
  • Association of South Tyrolean Craftsmen (lvh.apa)
Maker Space? What’s that?

This high-tech workshop is open to everyone. People working in the creative industry, companies, and any other individual may use the cutting-edge devices on site, build or print prototypes or unique objects, or develop new products from old devices and materials. As everyone operates the devices individually, regular training sessions and courses are held explaining how to use the machines and required software.

There are currently 650 FabLabs spread around the world, 65 of which in Italy. One of them is NOI Techpark’s Maker Space, where you can always meet interesting people and brainstorm your product ideas.

Laser cutting

Computer designs are cut out with a 60 Watt laser beam from plywood, cardboard, acrylic glass or textiles, and pictures can be engraved, too. Packaging prototypes and device casings, architectural models and decorative material, or even individual pieces of a quadcopter are thus created in the blink of an eye.

3D printing

All you need is the right 3D blueprint, a bit of material, a reasonable amount of time and hey presto, your desired object will appear inside the 3D printer. Most of the procedures require a plastic filament to be melted and then ‘reassembled’ into the desired form of the object.

CNC mortising

CNC mortising machines employ sharp and quick rotating blades to cut the desired 3D object from a wood or plastic block. Mortising isn’t ideal for shaping complex objects, however it’s extremely precise. You can use such a machine to engrave electric circuit plates.

Programming electronics and Arduino

Many inventions only become ‘smart’ thanks to the use of lights, engines, and especially electronics; thanks to Arduino, a much loved OpenSource platform, this becomes even quicker, as there are many already existing applications which can be easily downloaded and adapted to a number of specific solutions. You can also develop, build, solder, and test circuits at the FabLab.

Vinyl cutter

A vinyl cutter allows you to easily create colourful adhesives or decorations, after you’ve designed them on a computer, by cutting them out of an adhesive film. These can be used for countless applications, or to cut printed labels with an extremely high degree of precision.

And much, much more

You can also find many other, non-digital devices which you may need to produce your products; moreover, you’ll also find scales and computers to design and programme your solutions; and a nice chill-out area for brainstorming and relaxing.