Innovation for everybody

Businesses have different needs, depending on how far along they are in the innovation process. From the ambitious craftswoman to the young tinkerer with a brilliant idea for a new start-up: At the NOI Techpark it does not matter how much prior knowledge they bring along or at which point they enter the network – they will quickly and easily find the information they need. Furthermore, there are labs and services for students and start-ups, as well as co-working spaces, accommodation, restaurants and cultural events. In short: The NOI Techpark offers everything that bright minds and resourceful entrepreneurs need to unlock their full potential.

NOI for companies

Business incubator, labs and collective expertise

Companies that become part of the Techpark are integrated into the NOI network and gain access to the know-how of researchers and other experts. If this know-how does not yet exist or if the topic is too complicated, they can refer to teams of experts and work groups who can support them in their endeavours. Or to researchers, who can conduct tests and measurements to help them find the answers to many different questions.

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