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I would like to 

Found a start-up

We are counting on you. And your business idea. Challenge the world, found a start-up. You can do that with us at NOI.

Four months. From idea to business model.

Is your business idea still waiting to take off? Then our Pre-Incubation Programme is right for you. We support you for four months while you work in our Idea Space. We provide coaches and put you in touch with the right people. We smooth the way to getting funding. We know what we are doing – our Start-up Incubator is certified by the Ministry of Economic Development.


Apply – on your own or as a team! Give your idea a chance.

The prospect of success. That is our main criterion. But how do we recognise it? We look at how your team works and whether your idea is future-oriented. We evaluate the market potential and feasibility. After all, you want to invest your time profitably as well.


Pre-Incubation Programme: We support new business ideas once a year.

Call for Business Ideas. Submit your idea now. Ten ideas will be selected.

The submission deadline varies. Generally, it is in autumn. There are two selection phases. In phase one, we look at the person who wants to found the start-up. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Then we check your idea’s innovativeness, market potential and feasibility. And how likely is it that you will start your company in South Tyrol? We do not like to let the good ones go, you see.

A stress test for your idea. A three-day workshop – then you know where you stand.

You are one of the top ten. Now you are invited to a three-day workshop at NOI. There we will put your idea through its paces. Experts will conduct a 360-degree screening of the business idea with you. You will optimise and refine it, formulate hypotheses and work out risk scenarios. Finally, you will create a roadmap for validation. An intense process. Only four will succeed.

You have won! You are among the best. You can rely on us for four months.

Hurray! You have made it to NOI’s Idea Space. For four months, we offer you services, events and programmes to help your idea grow: market analysis, feasibility, business model and corporate identity. Experienced coaches and mentors are here to support you. We scout for partners and plan your financing with you. We help you to take your next steps with confidence.

Check the submission deadline. Review the criteria. Get going. The world needs new business models.