Laboratory for researching the interaction between façade systems and indoor climate

In the Façade System Interactions Lab, systems and components for building envelopes are tested for their reliability under the most realistic conditions possible, so that the resulting new products are fit for the market. The laboratory investigates the energetic performance of façade and surface heating systems under real-life and dynamic conditions. It recreates true-to-life living and working spaces, thereby allowing the targeted evaluation of the effect of façade and surface heating systems on the indoor climate.

This laboratory, which is located outdoors, consists of a test chamber (about 8 x 8 x 3 m), which is mounted on a rotatable platform. As a result, it can be adjusted to suit any building orientation. The building envelope can accommodate test items of active or adaptive multifunctional façades. Its interior space is divided into two areas of approx. 8 x 4 x 3 m each and provided with a double floor and a suspended ceiling in which surface heating elements can be hung. The operating temperature can be regulated individually for different test situations. The interiors can be furnished and, if required by the test, they can even accommodate people. The integrated control system enables detailed functional monitoring of various technical solutions. Thermal, energetic and thermo-hygrometric properties can be checked on the façades, while the indoor climate can be evaluated using thermo-hygrometric, optical and air quality measurements.

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