Are you ready?

We are looking for you – alone or as a team – and your innovative business idea.
Apply for the Pre-Incubation Programme at NOI. If you get through the selection process, we will work with you on your business model and support you for up to four months in developing your product or service.
You bring in the idea: we provide you with experienced mentors, coaches and entrepreneurs who will help you to take your first steps forward, surely, and safely. We can also arrange contacts with strategic partners while smoothing the way to getting funding together.

Conditions and criteria for participation


Here is what we are looking for when you apply with your idea:

  • Composition of your team
  • Degree of innovation of your business idea
  • Market potential
  • Feasibility
  • Probability of founding a company in South Tyrol

Many paths lead to a start-up. If you are based in South Tyrol, you can take part in this call:

  • as a person or in a team
  • as a researcher, professor, or student at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen or a research institute in South Tyrol.

It is important that your idea is still at the pre-incubation stage. The Pre-Incubation Programme is free of charge.

And this is how it works


  1. Submit your application

    Please bear in mind the deadline: 24 October to 18 November 2022
  2. 10 ideas are selected

  3. Three-day Workshop

    The selected teams/ideas will be invited to a three-day workshop. And from the 16th to 18th of Januray 2023 your idea will be put through its paces at NOI: 
    Experts will do a 360° screening of your business idea with you; you will optimise and refine it, make assumptions, and work out risk scenarios. Finally, you create a roadmap for its validation.
  4. The 4 best proceed to the programme

    At the end of the workshop, the jury will select four business ideas to compete in the final race to win a place in the Pre-Incubation Programme 2023.
  5. Good job, you did it! You can then rely on our support for four months.

    These are the phases that will get your business idea off to a good start:

    - We create a market analysis
    - We check the technical and economic feasibility
    - We develop your business model (Business Model Canvas) and test a digital MVP (minimum viable product)
    - We lay the communication foundations with a corporate identity, website, and presentations for investors.

    In short, we guide you through the whole complex process – and your start-up comes closer to realisation.
    Here's what you can look forward to with Pre-Incubation Programme 2023:
    Dates and workshops

Submit your application

Fill out the application and send it to
We look forward to hearing from you!
Please bear in mind the deadline: 24 October to 18 November 2022

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