A mobile dividing wall allows the two seminar rooms 1 and 2 to be connected to form a single large room with a seating capacity of up to 450 people – just right for large events, corporate meetings or panel discussions on topics of major interest. Given the generous space, you are free to choose the type of seating. In addition to a spacious stage and a high-resolution projector, three built-in simultaneous translation booths and a flexible sound system are available. The technical equipment can be supplemented as required.

  • Notebook with wireless slide presenter
  • Panasonic video projector RZ-770 (7200lm)
  • Projection screen 4.8x3m (16:10)
  • Confidence monitor for presenters
  • Audio system
  • 1 table microphone + 2 wireless microphones
  • Open Wi-Fi access
  • Adjustable lighting
  • 10 x 4 m stage
  • Seating arrangements as required
  • Up to 8 wireless microphones simultaneously, selectable between table microphone (max. 4), handheld microphone (max. 4) and headset (max. 4)
  • 3 simultaneous translation booths (up to 4 languages simultaneously)
  • Countdown timer for speakers
  • Technical assistance during the event
  • Audio and video recording
  • Audio-video streaming into the other seminar rooms
  • Voting System with max. 120 voting keypads
  • Conference system (max. 25 microphones)
  • Pre-event planning
  • Budgeting
  • Event office
  • Logistics and catering
  • CME accreditation
  • Looking after speakers and sponsors
  • Registration of participants
  • Design of a supporting programme
  • Audio-visual and technical support
  • Final billing
  • Event follow-up
Floor space
636 mq
Suitable for
Major events
Company meetings and panel discussions on topics of major interest
Possible seating arrangements