Become part of NOI Techpark:
for private companies

Do you want to set up your business at NOI Techpark?

You can rent space in our innovation district for three years, which can be extended by another two years. In 2024 we will be opening two new buildings (D2 and D3), dedicated mainly to the Green and Food technology sectors.

If your company conducts research, development and innovation, you can apply. A five-member commission of NOI, from both internal and external, will evaluate your project.

If accepted, you can make use of NOI’s proximity to research facilities, with over 40 laboratories, workshops and conference rooms, not to mention the inspiration and energy that comes from a place dedicated to innovation. Scroll down to find our acceptance criteria: please read them carefully before sending in your application.

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Acceptance criteria

  1. Activities

    Does the project align with the NOI Techpark focus within the Green, Food, Digital, Automotive & Automation technology sectors?

  2. Capacity and potential

    Does the project have the capacity to last for the medium- to long-term? Can it rely on sound economic strategy and a solid management and financing model? Does it have potential for growth? Is the business plan comprehensive?

  3. Degree of innovation

    Does your R&D project involve the innovation of a product, service, process, or business model? Are the project activities located in South Tyrol? Does the team include people with an in-depth scientific or technological expertise?

  4. Reputation and managerial potential

    Does the company possess sufficient know-how, experience, and managerial potential for the management of the project and the business itself? Is your company capable of contributing to the growth of NOI?

  5. Impact on the territory

    What are the prospects for the production and sale of your products/services? What kind of impact do you anticipate regarding the employment market (highly skilled jobs)? What are the growth prospects regarding the sector and collaboration with other organisations in South Tyrol?

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application documents (GER + ITA)

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