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25.11.2116:00 - 17:45

The number of products manufactured using 3D printing processes is continuously increasing — from eve-ryday consumer goods to components used in demanding, high-load environments such as in cars or airplanes. In order to successfully enter such a delicate and difficult market, it is not only necessary to master 3D printing technology and design. The reliability of the products must also be ensured on a reproducible and generally recognised basis. One of the factors of a successfully run 3D printing company is a well-trained staff.

In this webinar, experts from the fields of training, education, and certification will share their knowledge and experience with the participants. The aim is to show different approaches for the targeted and continuous training of the staff employed in 3D printing production. The international norms and standards, whose compliance ensures product quality, will be discussed.

The event is held in English.
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Event date
25.11.2116:00 - 17:45
25.11.2116:00 - 17:45